Service Offerings for Small and Large Employers

Employer Portal

Employer Portal Overview

Individual Insurance Solutions, LLC, provides more than just comprehensive plans tailored to your organization’s needs. We provide Employer Portals for every client. This portal helps guide and educate your employees on individual insurance options that are in addition to your employer-based offerings. They can get a quote through our secure portal. This password protected portal can be linked directly to your email and Teams’ communication platforms.

The information on your Employer Portal will reflect education what is and what is not offered in your plan. There will also be additional information on supplemental coverage that can be added to an existing plan.

Password Protected
Employees will access the portal with the username and password assigned to your organization.

Saving Time & Adding Value
It’s hard to offer everything to your employees. When you partner with us, you’re introducing additional education/options for your employees without the time it takes to create it!

Medicare Coverage

Medicare for Small and Large Employers: With so many employees working passed the age of 65, it’s important for them to be educated on Medicare. Let us partner with you to bring that education to them! In many cases, it can be less expensive for an employee and their spouse to be covered by Medicare through a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan. These plans can often offer better coverage at less cost to both employees and employer.

Individual Plans

Individual health insurance can be an alternative for:
    * Some individual health plans could be less expensive.
    * An individual could qualify for a Premium Tax Credit.
    * This removes underwriting risk from an employer plan.
Children aging off a parent’s plan

Short Term Medical can be an adequate bridge for someone in a waiting period for coverage.

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA):
An ICHRA should be explored, if you are a small employer looking for an alternative to a group health plan. An ICHRA can provide a combination of quality policies, tax free benefits to employees, and premium tax subsidies for purchasing coverage.

Disability Buy Up Options
Long Term Disability is the most valuable insurance coverage an employee can have. LTD is often overlooked as it is an employer-provided benefit; employees do not find out about their benefits until they are disabled. Employees should be educated about their employer-provided disability plan and how they can fill possible gaps.

Permanent Life Insurance Options
In many situations, people are under insured. Many times, employees will only have the life insurance coverage their employer provides. If they change employment, they lose that coverage. When it comes to voluntary coverage, most employers have a maximum of how much voluntary coverage they can purchase. Voluntary coverage for employees has escalating premiums as they age. Often, permanent life insurance options are overlooked as many are not properly educated on how they work or what their true cost are.

Let’s talk about how we can bring insurance education to your employees, including competitive individual insurance options when needed, and an overall value to your company.