Service Offerings for Small Group Employers

Does your company need to offer:

* Employee Benefits?
* Quality Benefits?
* Affordable Benefits?

Our team can assist you with choosing a benefit plan for your employees, communicating the benefits and managing the benefits for your company. We do this on a personal level with the decision makers and employees. The word Individual was chosen to be in our company name as we certainly represent individual products, but we also pay individual attention to our customers.

We are not a call center!

Here is how we can help you:

*Gather Facts: Let’s have a conversation about what you are trying to accomplish by offering employee benefits. We will gather some information and prepare the best proposal for your company.

* Presentation: We will provide a custom detailed proposal that will provide strategies for accomplishing the goal set forth along with an easy-to-read comparison of all products. In addition, we document your compliance requirements so you will know what is required by you as an employer.

* As you decide to work with us your employees will receive a benefits education meeting, communications about their benefits, and they will receive an online enrollment experience, so inaccuracies and paper is removed. Your employees will receive a large group experience for
their benefits.

* Upon renewal of your benefits plan we will start early and work with you to provide the same professional and personal experience that you received originally.

Why Individual Insurance Solutions, LLC? Knowledgeable advisory services, tailored package based on needs set forth, and great service.

We are delighted to answer your questions, provide a quote and more.

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