Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance - We’ve Got You Covered!

The subsidies provided by the federal government keep health care costs affordable!

80% of applicants can find a health plan for $10 or less per month after premium tax credit

Having health insurance provides the peace of mind you and your family need.  Health insurance includes essential services:

  • Hospitalization * Doctor Visits   * Prescriptions   * Laboratory Services * Emergency Services
  • Pregnancy, Maternity and Newborn Care * Pediatric Services * Preventive Care

Individual Insurance Solutions, LLC will assist you with your health insurance questions, provide you options for coverage, along with free enrollment guidance and offer plan support throughout the year. 

Qualifying Events – Call to discuss year-round qualifying events to secure your coverage.

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Loss of coverage
  • Birth of a child, adoption
  • Changes in residence

 The time to enroll is now!  If you miss the Open Enrollment window you cannot enroll until 2023 without having a qualifying event (marriage, divorce, loss of coverage, etc.)

Our Process

  • We will need to gather some information to properly research the best plans for your needs.

  • We will provide you with proposals from multiple carriers and all types of plans.

  • Our proposal will provide your estimated premium based on your financials.

  • If you choose to purchase a plan with us it is important for you to know that there is no charge for using our services.  You will pay the same as if you enrolled directly with a carrier.

  • After you enroll with us, we will stay in touch and continue to work with you each year to make sure you are enrolled in the best plan for your needs.

Short Term

Do you or a family member need an individual health plan for only a certain period of time? This is most commonly due to one of the followng reasons:
* Between jobs?
* In a waiting period for health coverage?
* Retiring, but not eligible for Medicare?

There are many benefits to a short-term medical plan:
* Great for filling gaps in coverage
* Short-term coverage is generally affordable
* You can purchase the coverage for a flexible time period
* It is a simple process to elect coverage

Small Business

Is your small business looking for a way to offer affordable health insurance? 

Have you heard of an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA – pronounced IKRA) 

An ICHRA might be a good option for your company and employees

Examples of companies that are offering ICHRA’s

  • Group health insurance has low participation for employees and employees cannot afford to cover their dependents
  • Company would like to offer different benefits to classes of employees
  • Tired of group health responsibility and administration headaches
  • Company wants to offer rich benefits to employees by over funding the plan

Key Facts About ICHRA’s

Group health insurance has low participation for employees and employees cannot afford to cover their dependents

Month-to-month rollover of unused funds, with no annual rollover maximum

Businesses can offer different allowance amounts to different employees based on classes as well as employee family status

Employees can’t have both the premium tax credit and the ICHRA. They may waive premium tax credits and participate in the ICHRA, or opt-out of the ICHRA and collect premium tax credits, if the HRA allowance amount is considered unaffordable.

  • More choices to find the best plan – Under age 65 and 65+ (Medicare)
  • Decision support (affordability, doctors, and prescriptions)
  • Individual consultation so employee can make the decision and have accountability
  • Year-round plan management & support
  • Save money on health coverage costs
  • Less overhead in plan design & enrollment
  • Predictable annual health costs
  • Maximize plan affordability by taking advantage of Premium Tax Credits

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

The IRS has created many tax-advantaged savings accounts over the last few decades. Health Savings Accounts not only help you financially today but can provide advantages for many years down the road.

Health Savings Accounts provide the trifecta of tax advantages:
* Contributions are tax-deductible
* Earnings on account balances grow tax-free
* Distributions are tax-free for qualified purchases

Limits and Restrictions
Because of the tremendous tax advantages of HSAs, the IRS puts caps on the amount of money you may contribute every year.

Spending HSA Savings
For those spending regularly, look for an HSA offering a checking account without maintenance fees and an accompanying debit card. For those saving for future medical bills, consider an HSA with investment options.