Life & Disability


1. Term Life

Life insurance that you pay for a specified length of time or term – generally one to thirty years.

2. Universal Life Insurance

Permanent insurance that has the potential to accumulate cash value.

3. Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance that you own for your entire lifetime.

4. Final Expense Insurance

Life insurance that helps provide the money your family may need to pay medical bills, funeral expenses, legal fees or unpaid bills. By planning ahead, you can help protect your loved ones from unnecessary financial stress when you die. And, you can distribute your assets in the manner you decide!

The Importance of a Buy-Sell Agreement

As a partner or co-owner (private shareholder) of a business, you’ve spent years building a valuable financial interest in your company. If you thought about setting up a buy-sell agreement to ensure your surviving family a smooth sale of your business interest, then you should consider life insurance.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income insurance protects you in the case of loss of income. If you lose your ability to work, either from temporary or permanent disability, a disability claim can be made.

There are many different elements that make up a disability income insurance policy so it is important to understand when and how you will receive the disability income if the need arises. 

It is important to know if there are waiting periods associated with your plan. There are different types of policies to consider such as choosing a short or long-term policy period. Lastly, a key element to look for when choosing a policy is knowing if it covers disabilities from both accidents and illnesses.

Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability insurance (LTD) begins to assist the employee when short-term disability insurance (STD) benefits end. Once the employee’s short-term disability insurance benefits expire (generally after three to six months), the long-term disability insurance pays an employee a percentage of their salary, typically 50-70%.

Long-term disability payments to the employee, in some policies, have a defined period of time. Others pay an employee until he or she is 65 years old.

Disability insurance is an important piece of your insurance portfolio that will help protect you during life’s unexpected events.  If you are dependent on your working income, make sure it is protected!